What is digital media?  For those of you who may not be familiar with digital media, it has a huge impact on society and culture.  This is the “information age” as they call it.  This new period in history is the “digital revolution!” So back to my question.  What is digital media?  It is any text, graphics, audio and video which is digitized and transmitted over the internet or computer networks.  Some examples of digital media are: MP4 (digital video), mp3 (digital audio), jpeg, bmp, gif (digital images), E-books, video games, cell phones, and the internet.

What is your favorite form of digital media?  Which form do you use the most day in and day out?  Do you use social media?  Do you share pictures from your phone, computer or tablet on social media?  If you do, you are using digital media.

I mention sharing pictures because my wife probably uses this form of digital media the most.  She posts almost daily using digital media.  How often do you share something on the world wide web or internet?

Many devices have the means to create, transmit and view digital media.  If you have a computer, digital camera, smart phone or drone you can access, tweak, store and share digital media.

Do you think we are moving toward completely going paperless?  What does that mean?  It means that all media will be made and consumed on computers.  I believe we are heading toward a new revolution.  A digital revolution which will lead to going fully paperless.

Did you know that the progress with digital media today has caused a problem with publishing, politics, journalism, entertainment, commerce and education?  New challenges are being faced because of laws with copyright and laws dealing with intellectual property.  The creators of content are having to give up voluntarily all or some of their legal rights to their productions. Feel free to reach me directly with any questions.


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