The winds of change are blowing!

I have recently been trying to figure out new and fresh ways to market middle class America. It seems to me that the days of good ole’ America are gone. Translation: if you are not a part of a major franchise or organization it is really hard to make a name for yourself and to sustain a gainful business. Granted there are certain niches that just cannot be replaced with that local ma and pa shop feeling.

Take for instance a window replacement company I recently came across that sells Andersen Windows as well as other home window products. Their website is subpar and obviously done by a paraprofessional. Yet it works because that is what their interpretation of how a window company website should look like. In reference to the title of this particular blog; I truly believe that there is a slight shift in digital marketing, etc. when it comes to doing what matters most, which is deliver an awesome product or service.

More and more people are becoming “ad blind” and are getting really sick of having to share their personal space with advertisements and pushy commercials and sales calls. The movement of “do what you like” and bring back true value such as the customer is always right is coming back! It has been researched that the human eye is exposed to 40,000 images per day and the majority of those are advertisement since we spend so much time on the internet and television.

If you think about it, how often do you find yourself singing a tv commercial jingle or some song on the radio. I recall just recently hearing my children sing along to a children’s CD that has a song that actually sings about going to different restaurants (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, etc.)! Coincidence? I think not.

Just as it is now becoming more and more trendy for hipster couples to wear colored engagement or wedding rings now (topaz, sapphire, ruby, garnet, etc.). There is a movement for Americans to become more frugal and green conscious as well as minimalists. If you don’t believe me…just google tiny homes and see what pops up. the winds of change are definitely blowing and I believe in a good direction. It is our job to recognize and provide such services to meet those demands. Have a wonderful day everyone and look forward to hearing from you!

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Reaching Out!

This post is dedicated to asking questions and seeing what different responses I might get in return? I was curious if anybody out there knew of any new technologies regarding digital media? I am usually sharing all the thoughts and posts and wanted to open this up to my readers. Which brings up another question, how come I seem to only get spammer comments on here? I would like to know if I have a very strong following or not. So please if you are reading this, leave a comment sharing how you either value the content shared herein, or what you would do different to this website?

Maybe the topic of digital media is not that exciting to many? I for one absolutely love media in all of its forms but especially within the digital arena which seems to be the final frontier. I was curious if any of you consider utilizing “sketch pad” as an extension of digital media as well. That is one freaking cool drawing software. I think you could create some amazing eye popping advertisements with that function for sure!

I was also hoping to hear back from my readers (if any) to see what all different jobs or entrepreneur positions they currently, recently or have held in the past. I was also curious what might be considered the best digital media job out there and what the accompany slurries are? I am always debating between working for an agency virus being self employed as both types have their perks. So I guess you could say I am just putting my feelers out there to see if there is a better and more excited adventure awaiting for me!? Just today one of my colleagues said that they are moving to China for the next 1-2 years! How random, obscure and straight crazy is that? Especially when I asked if this move was based on an extremely lucrative opportunity? The answer was actually no but that there was a job opening and so they were going to take it for the sheer thrill of it all.

This seems too impulsive for my blood, however, I don’t know what I don’t know, which is exactly why I wrote this blog. So please leave your comments here and if you would rather answer in private, that is accepted as well!

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Using video in education

One branch of digital media is video.  Are you a visual learner?  Do you want to see your lecture, instructional video or content come alive by watching it through video?  There are many instructional uses and so much new technology out there which makes all of these things possible.

Would you prefer to have a different way to present information as an educator?  My wife is a visual learner and received her degree in teaching and technology has come a long way since we were kids and in school.  The technology today is easier to use and there are many valuable tools we can use when teaching and learning.  Digital media today can create many innovative learning opportunities as well as new assessment opportunities.

There are three things I want to touch on when it comes to digital media, particularly digital video and teaching and learning.  The first is that you can record lectures for a later use.  When my wife took Anatomy from the university, her professor recorded his lectures so students could watch them again, at a later time, to help them retain the information or for review for the next test.  The video today can be put on video tape, DVD or a website to be downloaded, streamed or used as a video podcast.  Recording guest speakers who may not be able to attend in person or can be recorded for a later use.  Another example that you see all over these days is distance learning where you don’t need to be present.  Second, you can create instructional videos.  These are used to teach the main learning objectives or to teach general concepts.  An example of this is making a video for training purposes.  My wife attended a teaching conference where they used training videos to help their teachers learn and review concepts, procedures and expectations used at their school.  Third, digital video is used to create films, documentaries or live events.

Since digital media has come a long way, using it for educational purposes has expanded the possibilities of teaching and learning.  On the downside, most instructional videos are short and you just see the person talking.  These videos take away the teacher – student interaction and opportunities for questions being asked and answered as well as class discussions.

On the other hand, there are many ways to make video lectures more effective and interactive.  It’s the delivery of the material that will affect the role of the teacher and student.  Students will have to learn their role and to work more independently.  Teachers will have to find a team of people to produce effective learning materials.

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Networking long distance and online

I wanted to take time out of our busy lives and to bring to everyone’s attention the power of networking and to discuss a little bit about all of the different areas within it. I am sure if you are reading this post, then you are very familiar with “social networking” which is a very powerful means of spreading the word and/or advertising. If you are not familiar with social media, stick close to this website and read more posts and you will start to learn more about all of social media’s capabilities. Furthermore, you could always leave a comment or question or even a private email and somebody within the support team will be happy to help you.

Having said all that, I wanted to briefly cover the other realms of networking. Mainly the ability to work with other humans on a face-to-face level. I believe those that have behind the computer jobs can become very bored and physically out of shape really quick if they are not careful. I have fallen victim to this and therefore set a goal to work more on my socializing skills. However, because I am a workaholic I do not know how to separate work from pleasure so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. What this means is I figured out a way to satisfy both needs. I am currently networking long distance with others on joint venture projects which I am not at liberty to share at the moment but will for learning purposes later on once I receive permission. I have landed some major accounts in Dallas-Fort Worth area which is a booming industry in case you were wondering.

I am really excited about these opportunities and actually was in my friends condominium when I got off the phone and landed the account and in real time when I threw up my arms in excitement and jumped up I accidentally throw the chair behind me into the window right behind me and I shattered it pretty bad. Lucky for me, my friend had his life-time warranty with the window company Lewisville Windows he had his home furnished with and he was able to get it replaced by the next day. What impressed me the most about this experience is the way he handled it when it happened. Most people would be upset at the least, but he still took the time to let me know it is going to be ok and after reassuring me everything will work out, we still celebrated and then called the window installers.

I realized whenever travesty happens in your life and you are alone, it is hard to deal with and even if there is no travesty, there is nobody to celebrate the good times with. I have since decided to make networking with others (with actual human beings) more of priority. The main reason is that I have noticed a spurge in energy, more work is getting accomplished, and I am not so alone in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the daily grind of life. I hope this post somehow finds you in good faith and helps you develop more balance in your life and greater success with business friendships. I know I have made some new friends for life.

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How Far Will They Go?

I was curious to see how many of you out there think you have a good boundary or definition of what art is socially acceptable and what art is not. There seems to be an ongoing debate regarding what is ok and not within the world of digital media. More in particular, with Facebook. You see Facebook will not let you post images of breastfeeding, which may or may not be considered art, just as well as pornography. This has caused some diverse feelings about it all and I thought would be a good topic to bring up in here.

So what do you think? Is this a valid argument for Facebook or not? They have gone public with announcing their support for Gay rights (which I am not saying is wrong), so I am curious then why they would feel so strongly to silence an oppressed population. Or do you think it could be considered pornography so they have to be more cautious. One of the strong arguments against Facebook is that why will they not support public breastfeeding but they will allow all kinds of other graphic stories or animal attacks or even murder and not blink an eye.

I don’t really know where to take this certain post because I am extremely openminded and understand both sides of the argument as sometimes you have to follow government regulations or for whatever reason, Facebook is doing what they think is in the best interest of their business. What I would like to close this out with is a few different questions relating to the interpretation of art. Take for instance nudity. If someone drew a naked model in art class, no one would be upset with that. However, if someone were to post that image publicly it is immediately considered porn. Statue of David is a wonderful work of art. In fact one of the absolute finest. Most would agree that this is not porn even if posted publicly. It can be almost impossible to decipher the code as to what is acceptable and what is not. One thing is for sure, it is our responsibility to find out if we are to become a memorable digital artist pushing the bounds of society’s law. This is really hard to do since we cannot really even define what porn is. If you are feeling brave enough to take this discussion somewhere, please feel free to do so. I would be happy to read your opinions and comments.

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Digital Art versus Pastel Watercolor

I am curious about the emerging battle between the natural and the digital world. There are so many arguments that it is really hard to have any firm decision. Both have their firm foundation within all realms of art and both seem to create different reactions within the human element. The unfair advantage here is that digital can do all things natural can and then more. However, natural does not have the ability to transcend any further once it is a finished piece. At the same time, because natural artwork has no room for error and it takes real talent to create a 3D imagery onto a 2D piece of canvas there are endless arguments for which is the best.

You can create just as colorful and vivid artwork on either platform, it really boils down to a preference of style and taste. I suppose either style of using art (digital or natural) could be mimicked, however digital is going to be much easier as far as clicking over a certain area and having a giant chunk of the piece colored in. As far as pointillism goes, that could be compared to digital pixels, and although it is much harder for the human hand to draw a perfect and straight square. There really is so many different arguments that can be tossed back and forth that I am simply choosing to not pick a side and to leave it at the fact that both have their strong points and value.

On a different note, I am curious what the general population feels about this topic. What I mean more in particular is with marketing and advertising. Just because all that there seems to be used or around us is coming from digital media, does not necessarily mean it is the only or best method to use just because it is the most fastest. It makes you wonder how many lost arts are dropping from many different cultures due to the technology takeover. We must stop and smell the roses from time to time and do our best to preserve the arts in all of its forms so it does not become a lost art. If you want to further discuss this current topic feel free to email me directly at

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What is digital media?

What is digital media?  For those of you who may not be familiar with digital media, it has a huge impact on society and culture.  This is the “information age” as they call it.  This new period in history is the “digital revolution!” So back to my question.  What is digital media?  It is any text, graphics, audio and video which is digitized and transmitted over the internet or computer networks.  Some examples of digital media are: MP4 (digital video), mp3 (digital audio), jpeg, bmp, gif (digital images), E-books, video games, cell phones, and the internet.

What is your favorite form of digital media?  Which form do you use the most day in and day out?  Do you use social media?  Do you share pictures from your phone, computer or tablet on social media?  If you do, you are using digital media.

I mention sharing pictures because my wife probably uses this form of digital media the most.  She posts almost daily using digital media.  How often do you share something on the world wide web or internet?

Many devices have the means to create, transmit and view digital media.  If you have a computer, digital camera, smart phone or drone you can access, tweak, store and share digital media.

Do you think we are moving toward completely going paperless?  What does that mean?  It means that all media will be made and consumed on computers.  I believe we are heading toward a new revolution.  A digital revolution which will lead to going fully paperless.

Did you know that the progress with digital media today has caused a problem with publishing, politics, journalism, entertainment, commerce and education?  New challenges are being faced because of laws with copyright and laws dealing with intellectual property.  The creators of content are having to give up voluntarily all or some of their legal rights to their productions. Feel free to reach me directly with any questions.

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Welcome Digital Media Techies to my new site!

Hello and welcome to my new site for all things digital media. I am excited to finally be up and running and I hope I never run out of steam with this new project. I don’t want to be like other bloggers who come up on the web and write good relative content and then suddenly drop off the face of the earth. I understand that people get busy but what I don’t understand is how someone will put all the effort into starting something up and then never finishing or putting much work, thought, effort into it again. Who knows though, I should not judge too harshly unless I have walked a mile int heir shoes…right? I could very well be “that guy” which is the hypocrite of them all and end up doing identically what I am currently speaking against.

Please don’t let me do that. One way I feel I can keep focused and involved is through your constant involvement and interaction. It is more of a way to keep me entertained as well as accountable to my audience. It is my hope and dream that we create a community of sorts that although online based…we still are able to have a family like feeling and “have each other’s back!” I for one love digital media and hope there are others out there that are just as passionate as I?

This is really the entire purpose behind this website as far as the sharing of information and educating ourselves to the highest level considering all things media and digital. So stick around and visit often to either read or contribute to the cause. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning and growing together. Until then enjoy this short little video I found on youtube regarding a brief description of what exactly digital media is; I hope you enjoy it and after watching it have a better idea in case you had no clue before. If you need to get in contact with me, I can be reached at

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