Welcome Digital Media Techies to my new site!

Hello and welcome to my new site for all things digital media. I am excited to finally be up and running and I hope I never run out of steam with this new project. I don’t want to be like other bloggers who come up on the web and write good relative content and then suddenly drop off the face of the earth. I understand that people get busy but what I don’t understand is how someone will put all the effort into starting something up and then never finishing or putting much work, thought, effort into it again. Who knows though, I should not judge too harshly unless I have walked a mile int heir shoes…right? I could very well be “that guy” which is the hypocrite of them all and end up doing identically what I am currently speaking against.

Please don’t let me do that. One way I feel I can keep focused and involved is through your constant involvement and interaction. It is more of a way to keep me entertained as well as accountable to my audience. It is my hope and dream that we create a community of sorts that although online based…we still are able to have a family like feeling and “have each other’s back!” I for one love digital media and hope there are others out there that are just as passionate as I?

This is really the entire purpose behind this website as far as the sharing of information and educating ourselves to the highest level considering all things media and digital. So stick around and visit often to either read or contribute to the cause. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning and growing together. Until then enjoy this short little video I found on youtube regarding a brief description of what exactly digital media is; I hope you enjoy it and after watching it have a better idea in case you had no clue before. If you need to get in contact with me, I can be reached at support@digitalmediaanalyst.com.

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